Eco-friendly Tours in London

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Whether you’ve visited London before or not, I highly recommend taking an eco-friendly tour on something you really enjoy. There are many creative guided tours about photography, art, architecture, history, food and more. If it’s going to be your first time visiting London, I recommend staying somewhere leafy but central; like Green Park, Baker Street or Clerkenwell.

Even if you booked your stay a bit outside of the city, don’t worry. London is one of the best-connected cities in the world, one of the most eco-friendly things about it is the tube. You can get to anywhere in London without having to drive or take a cab. There are regular tube, train or bus services even to the airports.

London has so much history and although it’s very fun to wander the street without any direction, there are just too many stories that made London the way it is you shouldn’t miss out on. I am sure the eco-friendly tours on this list all have the potential to show you something you’ve never seen before. 

Cycling Tours in London

Cycling in London can be a little bit dangerous if you don’t know your way around, but with a tour guide, you’ll be safe and have loads of fun. Cycling tours are great for families, friend groups or even solo travellers. I would recommend cycling tours to people who are comfortable cycling in a busy city. 

Most cycling tours will take place in between London Bridge and Waterloo, where you get to see the city skyline and most of the famous landmarks. These guided cycling tours are perfect if you want to get an overall introduction to London’s history and the sites both locals and tourist love. 

Renting a city bike in London is only £2 in a 24-hour period and each first 30 minutes is free. So renting a bike for a 3-hour tour would cost £10. Most of the guided cycling tours include bike rental prices.

Baja Bikes, The London Bicycle Tour Company and Time Out organise a range of cycling tours starting from £24. 

Walking Tours in London

Everyone knows that the best way to discover a city is by walking around or getting dragged around by a local. Walking tours are, unsurprisingly, another eco-friendly way of discovering London. Lucky for us travellers, the most interesting tours in London are also walking tours.

On a special sustainable architecture tour by Insider London, you can get to see the greenest buildings in London. 

The social enterprise Unseen Tours in London partnered up with talented tour guides who have incredible stories to tell about London. They cover Soho, Brick Lane, Covent Garden, London Bridge and Shoreditch, which all happen to be amongst the liveliest parts of town. 

Street art tours in London are the best way to explore the history of the East End, the most diverse neighbourhood in London. There are also many food markets in this part of town, where you can buy the most delicious food made by locals.

london street art

Image credit: Elio Santos/Unsplash

Another interesting walking tour you can check out is the Black History Walks tours. London is home to so many cultures; who have all brought their own cuisine, fashion, music and art into the UK so there is always something new to learn.

If you are looking for some great new clothes, the Sustainable Fashion and Shopping Tour is for you. Shop (ethically) ‘til you drop!

There are absolutely many more walking tours you can take in London; whether you’re a Harry Potter fan, love terrifying history (London offers so many grimy stories), or a good pub crawl. 

Museum Tours in London

Who doesn’t love a museum trip? London hosts the world’s most fascinating artefacts and artworks from centuries ago and they are all free to see in the British Museum, the National Gallery, Tate Modern and many more others.

You can book free British Museum Tours with Strawberry Tours since it’s a huge museum it takes a long time to navigate it by yourself. Strawberry Tours take you through the most popular rooms, showing you Aztec sculptures, Egyptian mummies and Elgin Marbles.

Blend in with the locals at a Tate Late, where the most prestigious modern art museum in London becomes a nightlife hub featuring live DJs, drinks, food, free exhibitions and art workshops. 

If you love nature, head to Richmond for a day trip and see the Kew Gardens. Kew is a charity working to conserve the diversity of plants and fungi. They contribute to global scientific research.

Food Tours in London

We know everyone thinks British food is just fish and chips, but London is full of talented chefs and foodpreneurs who made it their mission to let their creativity blend in different cultures, cuisines, and tastes together to make incredible food. Whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s Asian, Caribbean, Nordic or Middle Eastern food, you’ll find it.

Discover the East End through its food and culture with this food tour and learn how Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities settled in London.

Don’t skip the Borough Market food tour, it’s the oldest street food market there is and they are getting better at providing non-plastic cutlery. And you can book a tour with the best guide ever: me, haha!


image credit: Jorge Franganillo/Flickr

If you are after a more unique experience that can connect you with locals, check out the mystical vegan British dinner.

If you would like to dine only in restaurants that you know are supplying their ingredients sustainably and trying their best to be eco-friendly, check this list out.

You can also book a vegan food tour in Shoreditch or Camden. Happycow listed London as the most vegan-friendly city in the world in 2019 for good reason, there are many restaurants where you can stuff yourself with great vegan food here.

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