Eco-friendly Places to Eat in London

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I know what you’re thinking, “Food in England? Really?” or maybe you already know there is much more to taste than fish and chips in this city. London is one of the biggest foodie cities in the world where you can easily find any cuisine. Even the kinds of creative fusions you never thought could exist, like Danish-Japanese. 

Whether it’s your 1st or 10th time in London, you should definitely give the sustainable restaurants on this list a try if you haven’t already. Not only are they eco-friendly places to eat, but most of them are also on the list of best restaurants in London.


For Tasty Food Seekers on a Budget

It’s not all about fun and games when you are travelling, I know. Sometimes you need to be strategic with your money. Luckily, you can still be ethical and eco-conscious on a budget, and these places to eat definitely make it easier and tastier.


Indian Veg

Set up in 1985, this Indian veggie food haven is the best place for hungry travellers on a budget who want to be eco-conscious. You can even bring your own alcoholic drinks. 


Location: 92-93 Chapel Market, The Angel

Budget: £

Must-try: The all you can eat buffet, what else!


Temple of Seitan

Temple of Seitan is popular with vegans as well as non-vegans in London. They make delicious vegan American style fast food that will surely make you come back for more. It’s all about the crunch and the intense flavours at this one.


Location: 43 Parkway, Camden / 5 Morning Lane, Hackney

Budget: £

Must-try: Buffalo Wings


Tiny Leaf

Tiny Leaf is a pop-up restaurant located in Mercato Metropolitano, an eclectic food market in South London. They make delicious organic, vegetarian & vegan seasonal dishes from surplus food donated by local food suppliers. Tiny Leaf also matches your £1 voluntary donation – which is added to each bill – to raise money for Refugee Community Kitchen Calais and the Soil Association (UK’s organic food certification body).


Location: Mercato Metropolitano, Elephant and Castle

Budget: ££

Must-try: Their brunch


For Foodies Who Also Love Good Vibes


Food brings people together, and creates community. If you love enjoying your meal in the company of like-minded people, these places are for you. They are frequented by creatives, sustainability advocates and local Londoners. If you’d like to book a food tour guide, be my guest! (Literally) I’d be happy to personalise an eco-friendly food tour for you.


The Duke of Cambridge

Tucked away behind the streets of Islington, this gastropub is the first organic pub in London. Certified by the Soil Association since 1998, The Duke is frequented by locals and Londoners from other sides of the road alike. It’s because they have great food, great service and a great vibe. They fundraise for charity, keep their food GMO-free and remain ethical and eco-friendly. 


Location: 30 St Peter’s St, Islington

Budget: ££ 

Must-try: Sunday Roast


Café Van Gogh

Café Van Gogh is not only a café that serves delicious food, but also a community project with a social mission. They work with charities in training people with learning disabilities or mental health problems to provide them with job opportunities. They aspire to be zero-waste and plastic-free, and they compost their food waste.  


Location: 88 Brixton Road, Brixton

Budget: £-££

Must-try: Anything and everything


Grow Hackney

Grow Studios is a hub for all kinds of creatives and Grow Hackney is its ethical bar and kitchen. They source their products locally and work with suppliers who adhere to fair trade practices. Grow Hackney not only serves delicious food but it also serves the community of artists in Hackney.


Location: Main Yard, Hackney Wick

Budget: £-££

Must-try: Mumbai toastie


bowls of curry and rice

image credit: Andy Hay/Unsplash


Mildred’s is a vegan & vegetarian restaurant serving Londoners since 1988. Their first branch opened in Soho, but over the years their delicious meals and cocktails led them to expand across London. 


Location: Soho, Camden, King’s Cross, Dalston

Budget: ££

Must-try: Their Chick’n Burger or Sri Lankan Curry


For Those Who Are Curious About Fancy Modern British Kitchen 


When in London, it’s understandable to want the luxury treatment and treat yourself to the best of everything there is. Here is the list of award-winning restaurants where your tastebuds will tingle with joy.



This Michelin-starred restaurant specialises in locally sourced, wild or foraged food that is unique to the UK. They strive to be eco-friendly by reducing their food waste and like many other sustainable restaurants, cook with locally sourced and seasonal ingredients.


Location: 32 Southwark St, London

Budget: £££

Must-try: Tasting menu



Delicious food and cocktails from sustainably sourced ingredients? Yes, please! In the heart of East London, Cub is a culinary experience for those who notice subtle details and seek creativity on a plate.


Location: 153 Hoxton Street, London

Budget: £££

Must-try: Tasting menu


Clink Restaurant

The Clink is more of a whole experience than just a restaurant. It’s technically a prison, yes you’ve heard it right. But forget all the things you heard about prison food. Here, prisoners who are training to gain professional cooking and food hygiene accreditation cook for you. By dining at Clink, you’d be supporting the rehabilitation of prisoners and contributing positively to their future.


Location: Jebb Avenue, Brixton

Budget: ££-£££

Must-try: Sunday lunch


Clerkenwell Kitchen

Led by two female chefs, Clerkenwell Kitchen uses seasonal ingredients and cooks fresh food from sustainable sources. They say, “It’s very important to us that we source locally, cook seasonally and use organic and free-range produce. For The Clerkenwell kitchen, being a sustainable company is absolutely central to our ethos.”


Location: 27, 31 Clerkenwell Close, Farringdon

Budget: £££

Must-try: Sunday lunch

Haven’t seen your favourite sustainable restaurant on this list? Why not rant about it to me on I’m happy to learn about any business whose purpose is to serve their community in a holistic way.

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Eco-friendly Places to Eat in London

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