Eco-friendly Hotel in the heart of East London: Qbic Hotel

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Eco City Guides’ first eco-friendly hotel highlight is the beautiful boutique green hotel Qbic in the artsy and exciting neighbourhood of East London. It’s the perfect place to stay if you want to be close to the landmarks, but not so much that it’s congested and touristy. 

Qbic is currently hosting in London, Brussels and Amsterdam but rapidly expanding in Europe with their “greenest hotel in town” status. On top of being the greenest, Qbic is young and stylish. Their rooms are individually designed, they display artwork from independent artists, and they have upcycled or used second-hand furniture throughout the hotel.

Q-Bic is the First Hotel to Become a B Corporation

When it comes to changing their industry and impacting the community positively, Qbic put their money where their mouth is. They are a B Corporation (the first hotel to become one!), and they support charities such as Cafe Art (a local charity in London working to eradicate homelessness by helping people use their creativity to empower themselves) and Bikeworks (a cycling social enterprise repairing and recycling bikes, providing cycling training and supporting social causes such as mental health, learning disabilities and more). When you stay at Qbic, you have free access to Bikeworks’ recycled bikes to roam around London (perfect way to discover the city in an eco-friendly way).

eco-friendly-hotel-qbic-londonIf you’d rather discover the city on foot, why not go on an eco-friendly tour in Brick Lane? Check out Unseen Tours for the greatest stories, or Free Tours by Foot.

Here’s what Qbic is doing to be the best eco-friendly hotel in London and Europe:

  • They have recycled 95% of their building materials when constructing the hotel.
  • They don’t provide single-use plastic or throw away items such as small toothpaste or shampoo bottles.
  • They use chemical-free cleaning materials
  • They save water with their smart showers and by reminding their guests to stop using water when they reach out to the creatively designed refillable shampoo bottles
  • If you are staying more than one night, you can opt out of having your linens changed and Qbic will offer you a free cocktail
  • They cater to all kinds of diets such as vegan, dairy-free or gluten-free. There are no dairy milk options next to cereals, only plant-based milk.
  • They have free tea, coffee, refreshments, and filtered water stations.
  • They provide car charging points for electric cars.
  • The hotel uses LED lighting and movement sensors to save energy.

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image credits: Qbic Hotel

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