A Guide to Planning a Sustainable Day Trip in Sydney

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Why Go to Sydney?

For the majority of people, Australia is on the other side of the world, an unfamiliar land far away. So mostly, adventure seekers and discoverers get really excited about visiting this wild land.

But Australia’s futuristic cities are bustling with tourists and provide many opportunities to expand your horizons. Without a doubt, Australia’s crown gem is Sydney. With some of the world’s loveliest shallow beaches, A-list local cafés and memorable experiences it offers, everybody ought to have Sydney on their travel list. 

Sydney is also Australia’s most accessible city with more than 700 direct global trips to Sydney Airport from Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Overtourism in Sydney 

Due to the high demand for tourism in Sydney, some of Sydney landmarks started to get a detrimental negative impact due to poor practices by travellers. For example, throwing plastic bottles at the Three Sisters lookout. Therefore, I wanted to give brief guidance on practising sustainability when you go on a day trip from Sydney.

What Does Sustainable Travel Mean?

Many people travel around the world not realising the importance of sustainability or preserving the environment for future generations. 

Sustainable tourism means that travellers need to rethink the effects of their travelling habits and to be mindful about protecting nature, supporting local communities and organisations in and outside their home country. 

They can consider off-setting their air miles, book eco-friendly trips, stay at eco-friendly hotels and only shop when they really need to, avoid wasting water and food, and litter properly. 

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Eco-friendly Day Tour from Sydney to Blue Mountains 

Travellers who visit Sydney must take a day-trip to the Blue Mountains.

Even returning guests choose the Blue Mountains tour again, as the World Heritage Site has a unique breathtaking scenery.

Getting to the Blue Mountains is an amazing journey in itself, as visitors can reach it via train, and travel through a beautiful eucalyptus tree forest that naturally produces a blue fog and fresh eucalyptus oil mist. 

Tips to Practice Sustainability in a Blue Mountains Day Trip

  • Take the train from Sydney to Katoomba, avoid going there by car or bus since trains have a lower carbon footprint.
  • Don’t litter once you are there, carry a reusable water bottle and avoid carrying plastic bottles with you. If you are bringing food with you, make sure it is wrapped in paper or reusable beeswax wraps or carried in a reusable food container.
  • Stay on the paved pathways rather than walking on natural bushland to avoid damaging the native flora and fauna.

 blue mountains australia

Organic Wine Tasting Day-Trip in Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley is the oldest wine region in Australia and it hosts over 155 boutique wineries that offer wine tasting, cheese tasting and chocolate tasting. 

There are many Hunter Valley tours that leave from Sydney. But as I suggested previously, a sustainable practice could be taking the train to Hunter.

Tips for a Sustainable Wine Tasting Day Trip

  • Select wineries that produce organic wines. Organic wine is produced using agricultural practices that avoid excessive amounts of herbicides and pesticides. To keep the weeds and bugs under control, natural ranchers work with nature, not against it, and they end up boosting their grape plantation’s biodiversity. So, by drinking organic wine, you are supporting the environment. 
  • Avoid feeding native wild animals in the wild, especially kangaroos. It will harm the natural food habitats and kangaroos will depend on travellers to provide food in the long term.

Port Stephens Day Tour with Sustainable Practices 

After the Blue Mountains and Hunter Valley, Port Stephens tours is the most popular day trip activity for many travellers, especially for thrill-seekers. People travel to Port Stephens to see bottleneck dolphins, sandboarding, hiking, animal rides and 4WD driving.

Tips for a Sustainable Visit to Port Stephens 

  • I don’t recommend booking a dolphin cruise to see dolphins. The sound of cruises are known to harm dolphins’ natural habitats. 
  • I also don’t recommend booking a camel ride at Port Stephens. The camels are treated poorly, often worked all day without any breaks and demand by tourists endanger more camels.

exhausted camel

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